I have had jobs when I’ve gone to work and been like, why am I subjecting myself to what sometimes feels like outright torture for the pursuit of a dollar? Well, here’s the thing. It’s not so much the money that I care about - I value work. Without it, I cannot imagine what I would do with my Self other than waste away and to do that would be an unfortunate choice.

More than the income (but yes, the income too) I want an opportunity to make a difference. So thank you, Work. I’m grateful to the challenges you present and the eventual overcoming of them. Everyday my goal is to be better than the person I was the day before, and work is the gym where I can practice doing just that.

I don’t know what a 40-hour workweek is. Haven’t in quite some time. I’m also thankful for that because if my work doesn’t require me to do it even on my “days off” then it’s not the right job for me.

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