2 in the am and I’m feelin like I gotta spit one
It was in the days of my teen-age when I last felt this kind of fun
The space is open in my mind
Floatin on a higher level;
Almost like the steps aren’t even mine
Trying to keep it kosher but with so much in mind,
The pressure builds and I lose sleep then time
Gotta maintain and be not just clever, but wise
Solve equations that would boggle even Einstiens mind
Travelling but I’m walking blind
Estimating the next steps
Ridin a rollercoaster with no safety net trying to remember that I’m blessed
I Stay Protected…
Searching for Rainbows from the heavens
In the midst of darkness the colours start to shine
Suddenly there are halos whispering secret fantasies of mine
Halos like genies out of bottles promising to grant every wish
Serious halos, committed halos that prefer strictly no shit
Just how deep does the river flow?
Just how much is there for me to know?
Trying to calculate returns on the investment, the guaranteed flow
Predicting the future by graphing the charts
Walking a fine line; like performing surgery on my own open heart.

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