The Office Unfiltered

Some of the best and my most self-affirming times happened while working with a great group of artists. We wanted to make socially relevant content so, following the advice of Napolean Hill, we formed a mastermind and brainstormed ideas about how we could make a difference… and have fun.

The Office Unfiltered is one of the things that came from those meet ups.

I wrote and directed the piece, but the group of us filmed it. From the start, I was terrified – butterflies in my stomach and wobbly knees, lol, the whole bit – but at the same time determined to get it done. Spending years in front of the camera prepared me, but actually realizing just how much more guts it takes to calmly see a production through from start to finish was an eye-opener.

There were hurdles to jump: scouting and securing the location, working with the special effects make up artist for weeks beforehand to perfect the look, communicating with the team, production meetings, arranging catering, casting, actors cancelling at the last minute, re-casting, transportation and logistics, scheduling.

Whew! We cleared each and every one.

I am grateful to everyone who showed up to help put this together. Now that it’s done [check out the trailer and behind the scenes footage] I am excited to keep the ball moving forward. New projects and collaborations are coming through the pipeline. Stay tuned.

© 2018 Aundreya