Cold One Night


Cold One Night is a short film thriller by writer and director, Brendan Jones. Produced in association with DeVara Entertainment, later – ED1 Productions, it premiered at the Toronto Short Film Festival in 2016 winning the award for the Best Horror Short.

I was the script supervisor on this picturesque abandoned farmhouse set, working alongside a great crew, cast, and Team Brendan supporters. We shot for three nights and put our passion for filmmaking to the test against frigid temperatures. Regardless, the experience was well worth it!

It was a pleasure to help select takes where the two young leads, Eryn Young and Carter Treneer give captivating performances; doing justice to the slightly exaggerated “slice of life” script about two children who discover a corpse in the woods and come face to face with the young woman's killer.

The short is gripping - both the cinematography and location’s landscape add to its drama.

While my go as a script supervisor went well, I would say that working outside in freezing temperatures is not for the faint of heart. We were a motley crew of committed Creatives, who besides loving what we do, were down to do whatever for as long as it took to get the shot. On the other hand, thank God for the pickup trucks with heated seats that kept us warm between takes!

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